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  • What is the show runtime?
    The shows runs 85-87 minutes with no intermission.
  • Is this show ok for kids?
    Due to some language and adult content we recommend this show for adults and youth ages 16 and up.
  • What is MassQing?
    MassQing is Daniel Callahan's unique practice of using the face as a canvas to create MassQs; ritual applications of paint to the face in order to reveal one's inner state of being. ​ The alternative spelling of "MassQ" is to differentiate it from our common notion of a mask as a tools used to hide, and/or conceal one's identity. The purpose of a MassQ, however, is not to hide or conceal, but to reveal the truth that is within. For more information on Daniel and MassQing visit:
  • How can I support "Come On In - Live"?
    We greatly appreciate your support in bringing "Come On In - Live" to life. You can support by purchasing tickets, spreading the word and donating. Your generous donations help us maintain artistic excellence, accessibility, and support local talent. What's more, donations to our production are tax-deductible. To contribute contact us at . Thank you for being part of our artistic journey.
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